Generation Zero

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Citizens United Productions
in association with Victory Media

Written and Directed
Stephen K. Bannon

David N. Bossie

Alan Peterson
Stephen K. Bannon

Executive Producers
Lawrence Kadish
David N. Bossie

Matthew Tailer

Director of Photography
Matthew Tailer

Michael Josephs

Associate Producers
Lauren A. Fleming
Tien Pasco

Appearances by
Michael Barone
Bruce Bartlett
John Bolton
Arthur Brooks
Lou Dobbs
David Frum
John Fund
Newt Gingrich
Victor Davis Hanson
Steve Hayward
Neil Howe
David Kaiser
Roger Kimball
Charles Krauthammer
Lawrence Kudlow
Heather Mac Donald
Myron Magnet
Thaddeus G. McCotter
Richard Miniter
Daniel J. Mitchell
Stephen Moore
Peter Morici
Dick Morris
Michael Novak
Michael Panzner
James Quinn
Barry Ritholtz
Peter Schweizer
Amity Shlaes
Tobin Smith
Shelby Steele
John J. Xenakis

Special Appreciation
John Berlau
Andrew Breitbart
Thane Carlston
Gerald Celente
S.E. Cupp
Mary Katherine Ham
Dr. Ting Ho
Father John Morris
Reihan Salam
Joe Watkins

Assistant Producers
Jennifer Locke Berenbaum
Wendy Colbert
Heather Smith

Art Director & Post Production Supervisor
Matthew Tailer

Associate Editors
Dain Valverde
Katy Andres

Line Producer
Dan Fleuette

Production Assistants
Jason Huy Linh Nguyen
Owen C. Smith
Michael Catts

Additional Photography
Paul Engstrom
Jeremiah Crowell
Ken Kelsch

Assistant Camera
Ian McAlpin

Sound Technicians
Jim Gilcrest
Josh Hilson
Jim Choi
Josh Benson
Jason Quinn
Lenny Schmitz
Michael Roche

Steve Seitz
Doug Wallick
Anthony Selvaggi
Alan Chun
Mik Cribben

Lauretta McCoy
Nancy McNamara
Jasmine Manders
Danielle Arminio
Michelle Mundell
Kristin Siivonen

Carol Hilliard

J.T. Mastranadi
Christopher Cook
Judy Cook

Best Boy
Griffin Bossie

Best Girls
Isabella Bossie
Lily Campbell Bossie

Post Production
Henninger Media Services
Ott House Audio

Audio Mixer
Cheryl Ottenritter

Lauren Meschter

Legal Counsel
Michael Boos

Lauren Catts

Matt Palumbo

Public Relations
Will Holley
Richard Parker

Website Design
Kirk Risinger

Jennie Malloy
Linda Britt
Shana Walker

Special Thanks
Susan Bossie

Eli Morse, Altour
Etienne Suaret, Isis
Magno Sound and Video Studio
Michael Samuels, Masters Touch Limousine
Hoover Institution

Estate of George Grosz
Estate of Roy Lichtenstein
Galerie Wolfgang Gmyrek Dusseldorf
Nick Georghiou
Robert Longo Studio
Wieden + Kennedy
Wyatt-Clarke & Jones

Hyatt Regency Monterey Resort & Spa
Cosi Catering

InfoCision Management Corporation
Gary Taylor
Carl Albright
Heidi Dougherty
Brad White
Mike Shonk
Josh Kaluzne
Dan Revlock
Allan Shuluga

The Omada Group
Todd Grable
Matt Palumbo

HSP Direct
Jamie Hogan
Amy Paul
Matt Schenk

Mike Murray
Greg Christman

Archival Footage Provided by
BBC Motion Gallery
The Charlie Rose Show
The Donna Reed Foundation
C-Span Archives
FILM Archives
Footage Bank
Getty Images
Journeyman Pictures
Martin Lisius/StormStock
Streamline Films
The WPA Film Library
Thought Equity
Universal Studios

Robert Longo
Untitled, from the series "Men in the Cities", 1981-87
Charcoal, graphite and ink on paper
96 x 60 inches/243.8 x 152.4 cm
Courtesy Metro Pictures, New York

Robert Longo
Untitled (Frank and Glenn Fighting), from the series "Men in the Cities", 1981
Charcoal, graphite, ink and tempera on paper
60 x 96 inches/152.4 x 243.8 cm
Courtesy Metro Pictures, New York

Photo of Richard Cloward
with permission of the Columbia University School of Social Work

Photo of Frances Fox Piven
with permission of the University Archives, Columbia University in the City of New York

Special Appreciation to
The Members and Supporters of Citizens United

Citizens United Productions

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