Generation Zero

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Huffington Post - A Sneak Peek at Generation Zero by Mark Joseph - 04/02/2010

Political junkie that I am, I always enjoy watching films by Michael Moore and Dave Bossie and am grateful that I live in a country where robust political dialogue is not just tolerated but encouraged.

Citizens United's founder and president, Dave Bossie, came to Hollywood last night to give us a sneak peak at his latest film, Generation Zero. After watching it, two thoughts come to mind:

First, if you are a left-of-center baby boomer, this movie will infuriate you. For although Bossie and writer/director Stephen K. Bannon spread the blame around to many parties (and not just liberals) they take particular aim at baby boomers for creating a culture of indulgence and facilitating the idea that people who don't actually produce anything can nonetheless reap rewards as though they did.


WND - 'Generation Zero' and its impact on America by Jerome Corsi - 03/10/2010

"Generation Zero," a new documentary produced by Citizens United head David N. Bossie and writer/director Stephen K. Bannon presents a compelling indictment of runaway federal budgets under President Barack Obama. As such, "Generation Zero" will become an important statement dedicated to expressing the core concerns of the millions of independent voters and middle-class Americans participating in the rapidly emerging tea-party movement.

"Generation Zero" is Bossie and Bannon's name for the now retiring baby boomers who were born into unprecedented prosperity made possible by the economic sacrifices of their Depression-era grandparents and the valor of their World War II-generation parents. The documentary attributes the U.S. fiscal meltdown to undisciplined baby boomers coming to maturity and gaining power.

In the 1950s, parents determined that their children would be sheltered from the economic hardships of the 1930s and the wartime sacrifices of the 1940s; their offspring were coddled growing up in a childhood of Beaver Cleaver suburbs.


FoxNews - The Most Important Movie of the Year by James P. Pinkerton - 03/04/2010

If I told you that "Generation Zero" is the best movie about deficit spending and national debt that you will ever see, would you think I was making a joke? As in, how much competition can there be in such a category? OK, there's not much competition in the "fiscal film" category. But "Generation Zero" would win, because it's a brilliant movie; in reality, it's a work of art that happens to be about red-ink spending.

"Generation Zero" is going to do for the tea party movement--and the larger cause of controlling government spending--what Al Gore's 2006 movie, "An Inconvenient Truth," did for the global warming debate. There are some differences, however. As we now know, "Truth" was based on a deep fallacy, the idea that "global warming" is happening, even as the earth indeed is cooling. By contrast, "Zero" deals with one of the great struggles of our time; the trillions being spent and overspent are real. Down this wastrel road lies the chaotic fate of a banana republic--or maybe today's Greece or Zimbabwe.

And of course, whereas "Truth" won an Oscar and helped propel Gore to a Nobel Peace Prize, "Zero" is unlikely to win a single prize from left-leaning Hollywood or from even lefter-leaning international organizations such as the Nobel Institute. But, unlike "Truth," which caused no real change in American politics, "Zero" is certain to have a huge political impact here at home.


Fox Nation Must-See Film: 'Generation Zero' by Fox Nation - 02/24/2010

It seems that documentary movies regarding the fiscal and financial crisis are on demand nowadays. One of the newest of these kinds of documentaries is the movie Generation Zero. Generation Zero-The Truth About the Financial Meltdown is a documentary produced by David N. Bossie and directed by Steve K. Bannon that examines the causes of the economic collapse of September 18, 2008. The film surmises that the Greatest Generation, in their effort to shelter their children from the horrors of The Great Depression and World War II overly nurtured them, causing an outlook of selfishness.

Generation Zero novie documentary alleges that the financial crisis of 2008 happened as a result of this selfishness coming from the generation that would become the hippies of the 1960s who would eventually come to power and promote their outlook upon the financial markets by taking reckless risks because they believed there could be no downside to their decisions. The documentary interviews many influential voices in fiscal conservative circles such as Lou Dobbs, Newt Gingrich and Tobin Smith. The film made its debut at the Tea Party Convention and was shown shortly after at the 2010 CPAC event.


Sean Hannity's Exclusive Look at Generation Zero

Hannity Dedicating Whole Hour Program To Discuss Generation Zero

Big Hollywood - 'Hannity' to Devote Tonight's Show to Controversial New Film, 'Generation Zero' by John Nolte - 02/23/2010

"Generation Zero" screened at CPAC to a standing room only crowd and when it was over they were still standing . and applauding. Steve Bannon's in-depth look at what caused the most recent financial crisis kept the audience engaged throughout thanks to fascinating visuals made up mostly of film clips (everything from nuclear mushroom clouds to June Cleaver) and a large and impressive list of smart, engaging commenters (full list below) who, through clever editing, break down a very complicated financial story into bite-sized pieces even a clod like me could understand.

"Generation Zero" is not a partisan political screed. Not even close. Republicans deservedly take it on the chin just as frequently as Democrats; Big Business is exposed as just as corrupt and dangerous as any academic socialist or union boss. What "Zero" is is a pro-capitalist, pro-middle class documentary that uses incontrovertible data and historical precedent to make a concrete and frequently frightening case for a coming financial collapse caused by decades of creeping socialism. And the bottom line message of the fast-moving 90 minutes is a compassionate one concerned only with the everyday, hard working Americans who are stuck with the bill.


National Tea Party Convention to Present a Special Screening: 'Generation Zero' - The Truth About the Financial Meltdown - by Big Hollywood - 02/05/2010

A controversial new documentary film, "Generation Zero" which provides a unique perspective on the causes of the recent financial meltdown and the economic debacle it triggered, will be premiering in a special screening at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville today.

Andrew Breitbart will provide introductory remarks concerning the film. Breitbart will also be introducing keynote speaker, Gov. Sarah Palin the following evening.

Featuring more than 40 leading experts, authors, and pundits from across the political spectrum, "Generation Zero" exposes how the mindset of the "Greatest Generation" – to not let their children suffer through the same economic hardships that they did during the Great Depression and WWII – led to the "Me Generation" and ultimately the Clinton/Bush era of trading campaign contributions for government "cover" in the form of guaranteed bailouts of Wall Street's speculative investments, thus sowing the seeds of economic disaster that would be reaped by coming generations.?

"We are honored to be asked to share this film with the members of the Tea Party Nation, whose relentless efforts against 'big government' and wasteful spending are one of the country's best hopes in making sure the ominous predictions of 'Generation Zero' do not come to fruition," stated David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United Productions and Executive Producer of the film. Citizens United Productions produced the film in association with Victory Media.

Citizens United Productions, the leading production company for conservative films, released "Hilary The Movie," the film that recently brought about the landmark First Amendment decision by the Supreme Court. In addition, Citizens United has produced such award winning films as "Perfect Valor," "Border Wars", "Hype: The Obama Effect" and "Rediscovering God in America," among others.


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